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Uniting for Humanity: A Collaborative Effort to Bring Hope to Sudanese Refugee Camps

In a world grappling with various challenges, there are times when humanity comes together to make a difference. One such moment occurred recently as Helping Kids Round First, in partnership with Kids Against Hunger, Then Feed Just One, and the Sudanese American Physicians Association, decided to take a bold step to address the pressing issue of hunger in refugee camps in Port Sudan, Sudan.

Sudan has been facing a complex humanitarian crisis, with a significant number of refugees seeking shelter and safety in camps. These individuals, forced to flee their homes due to conflict and instability, often find themselves in dire circumstances. The refugee camps in Port Sudan are grappling with the harsh reality of insufficient resources, leaving many families without access to basic necessities, especially food.

Pooling their resources, expertise, and compassion, the collaborative effort resulted in the creation of a comprehensive plan to send fortified food packages to the refugee camps in Port Sudan. With a joint commitment to providing sustenance and nutrition to those who need it most, the four organizations set a goal to deliver 400,000 packages of food to the affected families.


 Mohamed Shebba Center

Our journey began at the Mohamed Shebba Center, where we witnessed firsthand the resilience and determination of the people living in these dire conditions. Families who had fled the horrors of the Sudan war were living here, and it was heart-wrenching to see the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

Despite the conditions they have to face, they welcomed HKRF with enthusiasm, we were able to demonstrate how to cook fortified foods and briefly explain their benefits.

We took a tour of the facilities, seeing the conditions in which they live, which can be described as deplorable and unsanitary.

We learned from the residents themselves that a water pipe arrives once a week to fill some tanks with treated water (not drinkable for human consumption) barrels installed in some corners were donations from Qatar.

 The Sons of the North

In this field there are 3 different areas, the outskirts where boys over 13 years old and single men sleep, in the floor, in the outside, without any protection. Improvised tent houses for families consisting of husband, wife and children and the building, where teenage girls and single adult women live.

This camp, was another eye-opening experience.The camp's name reflects the heritage and origins of the refugees, who hailed from the northern regions of Sudan. Despite the hardships they faced, we were inspired by the strong sense of community and hope that they maintained.

 The Holy Quran University

At the Holy Quran University, we had the privilege of interacting with residents who were not only seeking refuge but also continuing their education and preserving their cultural and religious traditions.

This demonstrated the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.It is also worth mentioning that this refugee center is made up only for men.

 Al Maweani Center

The Al Maweani Center, also known as AI Shaheenat, was our last stop. Their stories and the challenges they faced were deeply humbling, and it highlighted the urgency of our mission.

The people who live in these camps run other types of dangers as well, for example when they have food to cook and manage to boil some water to make it drinkable, they send the girls to collect firewood and they are raped along the way.

The chain of unfortunate incidents causes deep sadness for men, women and children alike, all refugees of 9 different countries, all of them came from Khartoum capital ofSudan.

Mental health becomes one of the basic needs for these families, there are men, fathers of families traumatized by the loss of a member of their body or having witnessed violence towards their wife and daughters, mothers and daughters have deep traumas from having been raped repeatedly in front of their families and extreme violence, children cannot be children due to violence, trauma and the constant uncertainty of not knowing if tomorrow they will be able to eat.


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