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Nicaraguan Talent Shines in MLB with Working For A Dream Academy

In the heart of Rivas, Nicaragua, a transformative journey is taking place that reaches far beyond the baseball diamond. The Working For A Dream Academy, dedicated to empowering young athletes, has recently seen eight of its talented players sign professional contracts with Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. This milestone not only marks the triumph of these aspiring athletes but is also a beacon of hope for families breaking free from cycles of poverty.

Changing Lives, One Contract at a Time

Beyond the thrill of signing professional contracts, the impact on the lives of these players and their families is immeasurable. For many of them, baseball is not just a sport—it's a ticket out of the cycle of poverty that has persisted for generations.

The financial stability that comes with a professional baseball contract is a game-changer for these families. Education, healthcare, and improved living conditions are no longer distant aspirations but tangible possibilities. The ripple effect is profound, as the newfound opportunities not only transform individual lives but also elevate the entire community.

Carlos gazo

San Francisco Giants


Colorado Rockies


Toronto Blue Jays

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Boston Red Socks


Milwaukee Brewers

nixon muñoz

Colorado Rockies

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Milwaukee Brewers


Improving lives through baseball

Every year we bring baseball equipment and provide instruction to youth in rural Nicaraguan communities. Baseball has a unique ability to both bring together different cultures and teach life lessons helping to provide a foundation on which to improve lives.


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