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Helping Kids Round First's entry into Nicaraguan healthcare was unexpected and unplanned. After years of bringing basic medical and hygiene supplies to children, families, and HIV patients in Nicaragua's most rural communities, HKRF was offered the contents of an entire remodeling hospital to bring to Nicaragua.

After 22-months of planning, packing, paperwork, and bureaucratic red tape, the hospital arrived in Managua in November 2016, and the equipment and supplies were distributed to under-resourced hospitals in Masaya and Nueva Segovia.

Thanks to generous donations from many local hospitals, HKRF shipped its second and third hospital containers to Nicaragua in 2017 while continuing its work to support basic healthcare in rural communities. The hospital containers brought life-saving high quality equipment to hospitals lacking resources such as X-Ray machines, fetal heart monitors, and electronic hospital beds.

Empowering Healthcare: GOHE & Hkrf Join Forces to Transport EEG Machines to Rural Guatemala

In the realm of healthcare, access to advanced medical equipment can be a decisive factor in saving lives and improving patient outcomes. However, this access is often limited in rural areas of developing countries, where hospitals struggle to afford crucial devices. In a groundbreaking initiative, GOHE (Global Organization of Health Education) has teamed up with Helping Kids Round First to address this challenge, focusing on the transportation of EEG machines to rural hospitals in Guatemala.

EEG (Electroencephalogram) machines play a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders. These devices record electrical activity in the brain, aiding physicians in detecting abnormalities such as seizures, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions. Early diagnosis and intervention can significantly enhance the quality of life for patients and increase their chances of recovery.

Once the machines were delivered to it's corresponding hospitals, a team from Helping Kids Round First traveled to Guatemala for troubleshooting support and then GOHE's co-founder Teugo Djoyum visited the hospitals in December 2022 to provide training sessions. These sessions covered a range of topics, including machine functionalities, data interpretation, troubleshooting, and best practices in neurological diagnostics. By equipping healthcare providers with these essential skills, GOHE and Helping Kids Round First are ensuring that the impact of the delivered machines is maximized for the benefit of patients.


Improving lives through baseball

Every year we bring baseball equipment and provide instruction to youth in rural Nicaraguan communities. Baseball has a unique ability to both bring together different cultures and teach life lessons helping to provide a foundation on which to improve lives.


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