sports equipment delivery

Helping Kids Round First shipped a 20,900lb container with Baseball and Softball equipment to Managua. This as part of the annual shipment and delivery to young teams across all of Nicaragua.

None of this wouldn't be possible without the partnership with MLB-RBI, independent donors and companies that support our projects.

Thank you to HKRF's Founder, Craig Severtson and board members, Daniel Venn and Patrick Bolaños for coming to Nicaragua and improving the chances of quality training in rural communities.

We visited Ometepe Island, Somoto, Rivas, Somotillo, Carazo, Masaya and Managua to deliver equipment to more than 60 teams!

equipment donated

6,195 baseballs and softballs

800 helmets

1,100 bats

1,123 gloves

2,075 spikes

3,939 uniforms

360 catcher sets

Improving lives through baseball

Every year we bring baseball equipment and provide instruction to youth in rural Nicaraguan communities. Baseball has a unique ability to both bring together different cultures and teach life lessons helping to provide a foundation on which to improve lives.


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